Steps That Help Rank Better On Google

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Steps That Help Rank Better On Google

We always get this question from our clients. What would be the appropritate steps to rank better on Google. And what would be the best protocol to follow, for ranking better on Google as a startup?

It is not uncommon for a startup not to find their website on Google the first few months after they launch their website, which is why we start with Google webmaster tools to help us index the website. It usually takes about a month for Google to properly crawl through your website, whenever you submit a new sitemap. While updating your website sitemap from time to time is very crucial, submitting it to Google is even more crucual.

Not only, does Cartelia submit your website to Google, we also submit your sitemap to Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for better traceability on search engines.

Now that you have your website developed, and crawled by search engine, what do you do? Having a website without marketing it properly, is more or less like having a Porsche without ever fueling it. Sooner or later, you should realize how important on page and off page SEO becomes vital.

The on page SEO involves activities such as creative content writing, optimizing meta tags, headers, and making sure that your visitor finds the right information at the right page. It also involves improving overall speed performance of the site. Most search engines ranks you higher if your website is mobile friendly and loads faster, in under 2-3 seconds.

In a nutshell, off page SEO is your presence on the internet other than your own website. This implies that you need to have your public relations in check, wiriting guest blogs on high PR sites, constantly updating your social media and a ton of other options.

While all the above helps you grow over time, and it will over time help you realize that coverages on higher PR websites can be quite expensive and during the initial stages of your business, you might want to consider your PPC and offline marketing options to help you get conversions.

PPC can get you on Google’s first page provided that you have a budget which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, and is bid-friendly. And a word of mouth marketing can get your business conversions get going without spending much of your money that you can use where it matters the most.

All in all, we always provide business advice to our clients on their growth strategies at any point of time during their entrepreneurial journey because our clients growth is our growth and it is a matter of mutual understanding.

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