Pocket Audio App


Music Is The Essence Of Life We were excited to worth with Pocket Studios to develop their yet-to-release Music App. This app is designed to yield more advanced capabilities yet to exist on any android app - High-Resolution sound aimed for a market of audiophiles. Reference-quality sound on Android is at its infancy and [...]

Web Development


Project Brief We were assigned the task to create an education website that will show-case the main campuses story, academics, portals, research and admission sections. These were extremely vital for the university. We therefore designed the entire website from scratch, as we were guided about the kinds of sections to integrate. The [...]

Buttons for Lucas Audio


Lucas Audio wanted a set of buttons to represent the ON and OFF state of their virtualizer component in their iOS application. They wanted a simplistic design that doesn't resemble the flat iconology. Our graphic design team therefore discussed with them the options to make hybrid icons for both the ON and OFF switch states, [...]

3D Transducer Presentation


Project T-100 Description This project was from a client requiring the 3D representation of their new transducer t-100. The project's scope was to show all the characteristics of the newly designed T-100, which includes the impedance, weight, diameter among other parameters that influence the quality of audio being [...]