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Project Description

Project Brief

Tekfusion, an audio brand, was looking for a complete branding solution that could help the brand to bring the message of quality audio deliverance. We took the task in our hands to design a corporate identity, which included naming, vision, mission, strapline, stationary, packaging, as well as brand guidelines.

Visual A

Visual B

Visual C

Visual D

Conceptual Design Samples

Final Products

Skills Needed

Project planning always starts with understanding our client’s brand, and the message it conveys to the user. The brand TEKFUSION represented the Fusion of Teknology (Technology), Experience and Knowledge, and that was the basis of the graphic design we came up with.

Branding 96%
Project Planning 96%
Graphic Design 92%
Creativity 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We did intensive research in areas of sound and, to design representations that could reflect the brand’s idea and vision.

Drafts & Revisions

We outlined upto 3 possible representations which were used as the brand proposals. Out of the three options, the brand went with the monochrome look, which signifies clarity.

Final Delivery

We represented the company’s logo on business cards, products, stationery and packaging, and it was wonderful to see the brand come to life!


Strong Brands

A strong brand should be provocative. It has to not only symbolize the brand, but represent it’s core values, which is difficult to pack into a single canvas. Strong brands have strong images.

Excellent Results

We were glad that the team at Tekfusion was happy with our work, and that our graphics design team could collaborate to resolve a real world problem – representing an audio  brand for audiophiles.