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Project Description

Music Is The Essence Of Life

We were excited to worth with Pocket Studios to develop their yet-to-release Music App. This app is designed to yield more advanced capabilities yet to exist on any android app – High-Resolution sound aimed for a market of audiophiles. Reference-quality sound on Android is at its infancy and we wanted to contribute our share by getting our hands dirty with Native Libraries.


Quick Search

The app has multi-tab navigation layout that lets you search for songs, albums, artists or genres in matter of seconds.

Album Art

Our design team came up with the idea of making stunning album art grid layout that is unlike anything ever seen in an audio app.

10 Band Equalizer

Our programmers had to dig deep into the Native Audio Libraries to be able to generate a 10 band equalizer. We also augmented upto 18 Presets.

Rotating Vinyl

We suggested the team at the studio to use a rotating Vinyl record behind the album art for a clean look.

A User-Friendly Interface Is A Powerful Interface

And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

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Intuitive User Interface

We wanted to design an interface that would help a user navigate through his music library in the easiest way possible. We concluded that a one-tap search would be the most convenient way to do this in the tab layout. Also, it would make sense to quickly favorite your music on the go, which was an additional touch to the design.

Technical Features

We were able to successfully implement a tab layout for Songs, Artists, Albums and Directories. Also, we were able to create a quick-search navigation that hides while scrolling. Implementing the native C++ libraries to achieve best possible audio tuning options was a great touch. Other features included voice navigation, 10 band equalizers, 3D Surround Sound and Tempo/Pitch control.

Excellent Results

We couldn’t be more happier learning that the folks at Pocket Studios loved the app. They particularly loved the ease of navigation, the on-the-go favoriting feature and of course the album art representation. Kudos to the team for the brilliant appreciation received!